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Leader Development 

The Lutheran Women in Mission of the Atlantic District encourages and supports all who serve the Lord with gladness!  Here are resources for present and future leaders to learn and grow in their positions of leadership in the LMWL, parishes, and vocations in life.

for officers 

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Writers Workshop 

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Ideas for a New LWML Member

Deliver a welcome basket to women who are new to LWML. Use the visit as an opportunity to show you care. The basket could include current LWML gifts, information about your group, food gift, or small plant.


Present new mothers, college and confirmation students, or new brides with items available from the LWML Store. Encourage everyone to sign up for online Mustard Seed Devotions, and follow the LWML on social media.


Invite confirmation students to your LWML group event and have your district LWML Young Woman speak to them about becoming involved in LWML.


The bottom line is to care personally about each woman as Jesus cares for her.

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