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Serving the Lord with Gladness!

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Young Women of Worth Empowered in Christ,                              $3,500

Our Saviour Lutheran School, The Bronx, NY  


Our Saviour Lutheran (OSL) School is an educational community that inspires academic success, cultivates holistic growth, and instills faithful Christian character in a caring, thoughtful, and engaging learning environment.  The mission statement of our school tasks us with instilling faithful Christian character in the lives of our students.  The young women of OSL are in a unique school setting as our student population is 80% male and 20% female.  The leadership team is working on a recruitment strategy to help balance the student body and has approved the inaugural Young Women of Worth (YWOW) Club. The YWOW Club at OSL will facilitate the sharing of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour by teaching female students how God used women in the Bible as a part of the salvation story and to witness to others.  It will also allow staff and students to connect in meaningful ways that can be extended to the larger community through service projects, outings, and explorations that celebrate God’s creation and His design.  It will also be a tenet of a larger program for raising up young female leaders at OSL school.  The funds will be used to help purchase recruitment materials to go out to the community, offset costs for guest speakers, pay for snacks for attendees, and fund outings that build faith and fellowship specifically for young women.  The funds would also be used to help educate our young men about how to have positive, healthy relationships and interactions with young women. 

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