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Serving the Lord with Gladness!

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Music Outreach to Toddler Foster Families,                              $4,000

Arts in Mission—NY St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Yonkers, NY


Since the onset of the pandemic, God is opening new doors for Arts in Mission NY (AIM) to share music with toddlers and their families. AIM, an outreach of St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Yonkers, is now working with the NYC Administration for Children Services to provide music instrument kits to enable toddlers and their new foster parents to bond together with the gift of music. In addition to receiving a free kit with a variety of rhythm instruments, foster families will have access to AIM YouTube videos as they learn more about the ministry of AIM and St. Mark's through the website. The Nicholas Scoppetta Children's Center will distribute kits to vulnerable families in need across the five boroughs of NYC.

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