What a way to end a biennium!

As I sit here writing this, the world is experiencing a COVID 19 pandemic. Many people have lost their lives and loved ones. Others are fighting the virus, and still others are struggling with the need for social distancing and isolation.

To be honest, I have been losing steam. Not losing faith, but losing the

excitement—the vim and vigor—and have allowed the privilege of being involved

in LWML more of an obligation than an opportunity and privilege. This feeling

was ebbing into my soul on the cusp of the COVID 19 virus causing me to

become stagnant, stalled in place.

That’s when drastic changes began …

The building I work in closed and I had to begin to work from home.

Our church building closed its doors to protect our members, keeping us from

worship services, music practices, and Bible studies.

Human contact with people other than immediate family ceased.

Events were canceled. Stores had bare shelves. Foods were rationed.

And then the ultimate change—toilet paper and paper towels almost became

more valuable than gold!

The skies stayed gray. The ground beneath my feet felt shaky. Unease continued

to ebb into my soul. I felt totally empty. I felt as though everything was coming to

an end.

But then God’s faithful people began to respond!

Pastors, Deacons and Deaconesses, Lay Ministers and others began using

technology to proclaim God’s message of love and faithfulness. Opportunities for

online devotions, daily Bible studies, links to online worship services, and constant prayers abounded. Actual people instead of computers called my house phone to check up on me and my family making sure we are OK and that there was nothing I needed.

People have been and continue to reach out more than ever. They are

responding in creative and miraculous ways! They are ensuring everyone knows

that they are thought of, cared for, and have been encouraged to be in His Word

and be reminded of God’s unfailing love!

I had forgotten how vital the work of the Lutheran Woman’s Missionary League

is! My heart had diminished the value of why continue to strive working together,

equipping each other, and using our unique God-given gifts to help spread His

message of Hope throughout the world! I had to remember why it is a privilege to

be a Lutheran Woman in Mission!

Our efforts in spreading seeds of faith not only bless those who hear His call, but

they also fill us with renewed knowledge of His love for us—we are blessed as

we bless others!

May we enter these next two years with great anticipation for what God has

planned for us! May we continue to be His hands and feet as we feed the hungry,

clothe the naked, and bring comfort to those in bondage. May we continue to

respond to His call and have great courage to step out in faith! And may we use

our gifts and resources to proclaim the Gospel of Hope in our fallen world!

Linda Guteres

April 2020

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