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Merry Christmas

Grace, mercy, and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I sincerely hope and pray you and your families are well, and that you are finding an opportunity to find comfort in His Word regardless of your situation. Please know that even though churches maybe once again experience postponements or cancellations of events causing people to hunker down in their homes, that the WORK OF GOD CONTINUES!

Just think about it! God was with David in the lion's den, God was in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. God split the sea for Moses to pass through. God is here with us even in the comfort of our own homes. God is here with us even if we are fearful if we doubt if we wonder. We are safe. We are loved. WE ARE HIS! God will NOT FORSAKE US! God will NOT ABANDON HIS CHILDREN! God LOVES US BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION!

Please know I write these words more for myself than you since I know the frailty of my faith. I confess to you all that even though I believe, I still experience times of doubt.

While I may not be struggling right now or living in fear, I am fighting the feeling of dread that many of our approaching Christmas festivities may be canceled. I find myself scrambling to figure out what I can do, rather than finding comfort in what God has already done for us. Since I have confessed my thoughts, please let me also remind you that we are rapidly approaching the end of yet another biennium. Ladies I am begging you to do what you can. Above all, please keep LWML AD in your prayers. Ask the treasurers of your groups to remit whatever support they may have set aside for mites as soon as possible. If you are able, please give generously as well. My prayers for you continue. May God give us peace during this very tenuous time. May we find rest and great joy as we read His Word and be reminded of His promises made firm and secure with the birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

May God give healing to those who may be struggling with illness and disease.

May He give comfort to the brokenhearted and lonely. May He spur us to action-to do whatever we can to reach out to those who are alone, ill, or in fear. May we continue to be His hands and feet. May we do what we can as we continue to share His Gospel of Hope throughout the world. May God be praised and glorified!

Forever in His Service,

Linda Guteres

LWML Atlantic District President

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