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I really wanted cookies.

There are times I can ignore deep seated cravings and there are other times I can’t. My desire for a cookie was tearing at my resolve for two days, I just couldn’t

shake it. Since my obligations were reducing my free time to zero, I felt I deserved to satiate this hunger.

My car also needed gas. I chose to go to the brand new 7-Eleven located catty-corner from my job. Besides having the cheapest gas price around, I knew they have a wide variety of delicious cookies. Let’s face it! I would be killing two birds with one stone, right? After filling my gas tank I could go into the store and choose a very special delicacy.

With one macadamia nut and one peanut butter cookie in hand, I almost skipped out of the 7-Eleven toward my car. All was good. My car was filled with gas and I was going to enjoy the two cookies I just bought. Everything was great. That is until my foot caught on the black top causing me to fall face first onto the pavement!

Laying on the ground spitting gravel from my mouth and adrenaline pumping through my veins, I did an assessment of my predicament. My quick realization was that I suffered no serious injury. I was also very happy to see that my cookies were still safely enclosed in the paper sleeve. My next thought was, “Did anyone just see me fall?”

Why can’t I only be visible when I succeed or when I’m soaring above life’s problems and

doing most things right?

Why do I feel so utterly exposed when I fail or when I’m splayed out on the ground with

scraped palms and cookie crumbs on my face?

Because that’s when people see me for who I really am—a fallen sinner in need of a Savior.

When I allow people to see my weaknesses and allow them to know that I am less than who I

claim to be, a person in desperate need of a Savior, my self-righteous fences fall. God—who

has been there all the time—lovingly comes to my aid. This is when I allow Him to drive my life, my thoughts and my actions, and I sit back enjoying the ride.

If I could only learn to be comfortable being weak!

Why am I telling you this?

Because even though the last two years have been great and I’ve been having a blast serving

as the President of AD LWML;

Regardless of the fact that I’ve been richly blessed seeing God work through each and every

one of you as we work toward our Mission Grant goal of $77,000;

Even though it has been an utter joy to see you become excited about using your God-given

gifts in the service of Jesus Christ;

Even though all these things are true, we are still more than $10,000 away from our fully

supporting our mission goal.

It’s now time to tell God how much we need Him to step in and help us achieve this goal!

May our fervent prayers be that we meet and maybe even exceed our 2018-2020 Mission

Grant goal. May God put His hand on all of us as we complete this biennium and open the

door of another. May God over-bless us with not only resources but with more women working together as He lovingly guides us.

May God, our Almighty Father, be reflected in all we do!

Whether we soar with the eagles or lay flat on the pavement, may His name be praised!

Linda Guteres

March, 2020

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