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Advent Echoes: Clearing Paths for Christ

Second Week in Advent

Advent Echoes: Clearing Paths for Christ Scripture:  Mark 1:1-8


In the Gospel of Mark, the prophetic words of Isaiah come alive as we encounter the voice crying out in the wilderness, urging us to make paths straight and hearts ready. As we embark on our own journey of preparation, let us embrace his message with gratitude for without it, we would remain lost in the wilderness. With it, our eyes and hearts can now recognize the presence of Christ and His imminent arrival.


Clear away distractions. Reflect on the clutter that may occupy your heart and mind. Just as John called for the clearing of paths, consider what distractions you need to remove to make room for the presence of Christ in your life.

Prayer: Gracious God, help us clear away the distractions that hinder our connection with You. Prepare our hearts to receive You without reservation. Amen.


Repent and accept the forgiveness only Jesus can offer. John came baptizing with a message of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Consider areas in your life where repentance is needed. As we prepare for Christ's coming, let us embrace the forgiveness offered through His grace.  

Prayer: Merciful Father, grant us the humility to repent and the joy of knowing Your forgiveness. Prepare our hearts to receive the cleansing only Your love provides. Amen.


Let your voice and life echo God’s grace in your community. John's voice echoed in the wilderness, drawing attention to the coming Messiah. Reflect on your own voice in the "wilderness" of your community. How can you prepare the way for others to encounter the love of Christ?

Prayer: Lord,  may our voices resonate with the message of Your love.

Equip us to be heralds of Your grace, preparing the way for others to encounter You. Amen.


Look to Jesus, the ultimate servant, to teach the beauty of humility in service.  John, clothed in humility, prepared the hearts of many. In what ways can you serve others with a humble heart?

 Prayer: Lord Jesus, teach us the beauty of humility. May our acts of service prepare the hearts of those around us to receive the abundance of Your love. Amen.


Live in hope and expectation. John pointed to the One coming after him, whose sandals he was not worthy to untie. Consider the anticipation in John's voice. How can we cultivate a similar sense of expectant anticipation for the coming of Christ in our lives?

Prayer: Lord, keep our hearts filled with expectant anticipation for Your coming.

Prepare us to welcome You with awe and reverence, recognizing the greatness of the

One who is to come. Amen.


Closing Prayer: Jesus, may our hearts be increasingly prepared to receive You, our Advent King. Clear away all distractions so that our  hearts may be open to a life of repentance and forgiveness. Like John, may we serve in humility as we anticipate Your coming. Amen.

Melinda Deebrah

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew, Manhattan

Triune Zone


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