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Every LWML District President is given an amazing gift. A gift of four years to serve Jesus Christ through the LWML and its resources.

Just 48 months to lead, plant seeds of encouragement, and inspire women to notice their God-given gifts. And to help these same women to use their skills to benefit God’s kingdom.

Each District President is given only 1,460 days to do her part to help spread the Gospel message throughout the world.

Historically, this has been accomplished through hosting exciting conventions, attending Spirit-filled retreats, participating in worship services, and meeting women in the trenches of their lives and paths of service.

The COVID virus has made us reexamine how we do things. The pandemic has pushed us to adapt how we conduct our meetings and events. We been forced to—dare I say— change, the way we normally do things.

But never fear!

This virus may be forcing us to change LWML’s methods, NOTHING can change the message of salvation through our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

We have begun broad casting virtual services, bible studies, and prayer sessions. AD LWML began hosting their Executive Committee and Board Meetings using Zoom—an internet conferencing platform—allowing those who could not leave their home to share their comments and ideas regarding past and upcoming events.

Zoom conferencing has also given 90 delegates the opportunity to help us vote on our 2020-2022 Mission Grants. Through the work of many board members, we were able to adopt 14 mission grants—11 of which are in our very own Atlantic District!

A number of women have expressed their desire to have more virtual opportunities available to them. We will be discussing this at our upcoming Board of Directors meeting. Keep watch for bible studies, prayer sessions, AD LWML updates, etc. coming to you in the near future!

Does any of this interest you? Why not become more involved in AD LWML? There are still a number of open positions on the Board of AD LWML. If you would like more information on any open positions, contact me or any of our current board members. It would be a tremendous blessing to all of us if you shared your God-given gifts with us in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

But most importantly-PRAY! Pray for God’s guidance in all things. Pray for His saving hand to be upon us as we meet in person or over the internet. Pray for those who are unable to leave their homes, who have been brought to their knees financially, and pray for those who have lost loved ones during the midst of this horrible pandemic.

And if I may-I humbly ask your prayers for me. Please pray for God’s guidance and strength as I attempt to “spend” balance of my years of Presidency encouraging every woman I meet. That I may use these remaining months to assist all women to recognize their talents and to help them find a way to use these skills in serving Jesus Christ. Pray that my remaining days may inspire others to lead and then to lead others on the path that God has chosen for them.

And please pray that I may never take the gift of being the President of the Atlantic District LWML for granted, but instead treasure it and its memories for my lifetime.

In His Service,

Linda Guteres

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