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Perseverance: A Nehemiah Battle Plan
We all have that one thing hanging over our lives that’s been there for a while. It keeps showing up. It sits smack dab in the middle of the room like the proverbial pink elephant. It could be an addiction to conquer, a habit to break, goal to accomplish, long-standing project to complete, relationship to restore (or toxic one to end), or even a debt to retire. What is your one thing? We all have one thing if not four. We’ve tried everything and failed. But what if we surrendered that one thing to God for real this time, wholeheartedly persevering in the strength of the Lord? Perseverance is key ─ persevering in prayer, focus, His resources, and His strength. Observing how Nehemiah accomplished God’s call to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem provides helpful methods that you and I can deploy in our own lives to accomplish the extraordinary. The enemy will oppose us at every turn, but Nehemiah demonstrates how you and I can surround ourselves with people who are committed to God and our success. Nehemiah began with prayer and ended with praise as God provided the confidence, resources, and people that carried Nehemiah to successful completion. When we apply what we observe through Nehemiah to our one thing, we will begin to see God work in incredible ways in our own lives. (This study focuses on Nehemiah chapters 1-7.)

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