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Epiphany 2021

O God of light, Your Word, a lamp unfailing,
Shall pierce the darkness of our earthbound way
And show Your grace, Your plan for us unveiling,
And guide our footsteps to the perfect day. (LSB 836:1)

Enlighten us, merciful Lord, that we may walk where You are leading us.  May these days be filled with epiphanies as you manifest Your grace to us through Your Holy Word as Your plan is made known to us in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and our Light. 


From days of old, through blind and willful ages,
Though we rebelled, You gently sought again
And spoke through saints, apostles, prophets, sages,
Who wrote with eager or reluctant pen. (LSB 836:2)

Forgive us, compassionate Lord, for the ways we have rejected You and have insisted on our own way.  Thank you for taking us back into Your fold through Your suffering, death, and resurrection.  Give us grace through our baptisms to marvel at Your goodness each day and to share Your Word with others so that they may have life through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and our Savior.


Undimmed by time, those words are still revealing
To sinful hearts Your justice and Your grace;
And questing spirits, longing for Your healing,
See Your compassion in the Savior’s face. (LSB 836:3)

Feed us, gracious Lord, that we may receive the sustenance that comes through Your Holy Word and the nourishment that comes through Your Holy Supper.  Give us willing hearts to receive You as come to us, faith to trust that You will not harm us, and a willingness to be sustained by Your restorative grace every step of the way through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and our Healer. 


To all the world Your summons You are sending,
Through all the earth, to ev’ry land and race,
That myriad tongues, in one great anthem blending,
May praise and celebrate Your gift of grace. (LSB 836:4)

Send us, almighty Lord, so that people everywhere may experience the benefits of Your unconditional love.  Help us to celebrate how You made all and unite all so that all may worship You in holiness and truth as we anticipate the day when all creation joins in praising You--Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and our King.


Deaconess Raquel A. Rojas 
Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, The Bronx, New York

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